May 2019
Just a quick and cheap train ride away, Anzio offers clear blue waters an hour south of Rome. Photo: Helen Cook Rome gets hot and crowded in the summer, and after a few days of walking around the city and seeing the sights, you’re likely to need some rest. Why not cool down and relax...
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You Need to See These 21 Insane Hi-Tech Hotels
Generally, if you know the difference between a tablet and a desktop, a VCR and VR or how to program your watch to do everything other than make you breakfast, you’re someone who finds life easier with more technology. Lucky for you, these 21 futuristic hotels are perfect for tech-savvy travellers. We’re talking robots, virtual...
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Buda or Pest: Best Budapest Hotels for Nightlife, Sightseeing & Nature
Separated by the Danube, Buda and Pest may be two halves of the same capital city, but they’re very different when it comes to sightseeing, partying and nature. While Buda boasts undulating hills and peaceful residential areas, Pest is the sleepless heart and soul of the city’s nightlife. Pest effortlessly creates a lively social scene...
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Portland Oregon's Top 15 Eco-Friendly Boutique Hotels from $104
Portland is a vibrant city known for its eco-mindfulness, microbreweries, coffee shops and bike-friendly streets, where natural splendours include the sparkling Willamette River and snow-capped Mount Hood in the distance. Food and drink connoisseurs flock to the city’s ultra-hip eateries, while its array of cultural offerings and natural sites appeal to families and outdoor enthusiasts....
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Cheap Hotels in Lyon, France
Often called the gastronomical capital of France and the birthplace of cinema, Lyon is a dream destination for those who love food, wine, medieval- and Renaissance-era architecture, art and, of course, cinema. Luckily for our fellow Cheapos, all of this excitement can be enjoyed affordably, because there are plenty of cheap hotels in Lyon to...
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Explore Historic Lima & Stay at the Best Hotels from $30
You’ll never hear someone say they want to just spend one day in Lima. Peru’s capital city has an intoxicating blend of pre-Columbian temples, contemporary art galleries, lively nightclubs and inspired cuisine. The city’s luxury condos sit atop cliffs overlooking wild waves breaking on golden beaches; a sight you won’t soon forget. With more than...
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The Best Hotels in Barcelona for 5-Star Luxury: Tapas, Sangria & Ample Siestas
Come one, come all, Barcelona is more popular than that last season of Game of Thrones and about 10 times more satisfying. Love the beach? You’re sorted. Love Spanish history, culture and nature? It’s got that too. Long story short, this charismatic coastal metropolis is full of enthralling experiences, from hidden tapas bars down cobbled...
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15 Best Hotels in Istanbul: History Meets Luxury from $71
Istanbul is one of the cheapest and most rewarding holidays you’ll ever take. Turkey’s capital city offers its world-famous historical attractions, delicious local specialties and rooftop restaurants for a fraction of the cost of other major cities. The welcoming locals often treat you like family as you spend your days discovering the Bosporus, exploring European...
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Our favorite seaside escapes at Spain beaches
Escape to the charming village of Calella de Palafrugell along the Costa Brava. Photo: horrabin Hoping to escape the heat, hustle, and bustle of Madrid, Barcelona and other big cities in Spain this summer? Spain is literally lined with seaside options, and as temperatures rise these sandy retreats fill up. However, not all of these...
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Someone Please Take Us to These Incredible Hotels in Old Town Prague
Prague’s Old Town is a fairy-tale landscape of cobblestone laneways, centuries-old churches and timber-doored bars and restaurants. Also known as Staré Mesto, the central neighbourhood invites you to get lost as you wander from stalls selling ice cream-filled donut cones and busking musicians to the famed Powder Tower and bustling Old Town Square. With more...
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