July 2019
Ponte Vecchio
The famous Ponte Vecchio bridge in Florence. Photo: Ray As the capital of Tuscany, Florence is known for Renaissance art and architecture, a vibrant cultural scene, delicious food and wine, and… crowded streets packed with tourists. In fact, during the high season, there are more visitors in Florence than locals! It’s no surprise that Florence’s...
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14 Holiday Destinations to Divide Your Friends & Family
Beach or snow? Surf or ski? Some claim they don’t prefer one over the other, but when the holiday planning starts, we all have to make a decision: tropical or wintery. Fortunately, with Planet Earth’s two epic hemispheres, we have access to both year-round. This list might be the answer to your holiday stalemate or...
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Córdoba is an easy day trip from Seville during a tour of Spain when you fly in and out of Barcelona. Photo: Pablo Pecora You’ve got a bit more than a week to spend in Spain? Lucky you! As a resident of Barcelona, I’m of course tempted to say that you could easily spend the...
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Phnom Penh City Guide: Where to Eat, Shop & Stay
Phnom Penh is as busy and fast-paced as you’d expect from a prominent capital city. However, through the overload of sights, sounds and smells you can explore Cambodia’s rich history at preserved temples and palaces, indulge in a world-class foodie culture and browse unique handmade goods and designer wares in markets and shopping malls. With...
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Top 13 Beachfront Resorts in Cancun Starting at $169
Cancun is a beach lover’s paradise, famous around the world for its postcard-perfect beaches, crystalline waters and luxury beachfront resorts. From lazy days lounging on the idyllic shoreline to exploring ancient Mayan temples and remote lagoons, this tropical destination blends its natural splendours with a long list of cultural attractions and entertainment options seamlessly. With...
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MAM Paris
Musée d’art Moderne de la ville de Paris Photo: Daniel Some of the world’s most renowned collections of art and artifacts call Europe home. But when you’re traveling on a budget, museum entry fees can add up in a hurry. So how can an art-loving Cheapo avoid paying the entry price? Our advice is to...
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Luxury Business Hotels in Osaka near Nightlife & Street Food
All work and no play is no way to spend your time in Osaka. Business might be the reason for your visit, but you’d be remiss not making some time to experience Osaka’s legendary nightlife and street food between work hours. The locals do it best, frequenting corner bars, whiskey lounges, clubs and street-food markets...
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Where to Stay in Hoi An for Cheap: Amazing Hotels & Attractions
If the poets of old could see Hoi An today they might reflect upon this grand city’s ancient Old Town, timeless local traditions and thought-provoking French-colonial architecture. There’s no shortage of beauty and culture in this coastal enclave and we’ve faced a hard task narrowing down the top attractions, but it’s clear the following best...
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Where to Stay in Japan: The Kanto and Kansai Regions
Kanto or Kansai? It’s an important question to answer when deciding how to tackle your holiday on Japan’s main island of Honshu. The two distinct areas have their own world-renowned cities, natural attractions and classically Japanese experiences. Below, you’ll find a detailed guide to Kanto and Kansai, including three of each region’s top places to...
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Hotels, Onsens & Ryokans with a View of Mt Fuji
Mount Fuji is one of the hardest natural marvels to look away from, rising majestically above the Honshu countryside with its snow-capped peak and forested slopes. What’s the most important part of an incredible view? Where you’re admiring it from of course. With luxury hotels and pampering onsens and ryokans, Japan offers numerous ways to...
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