Myanmar Travel Guide: Top Attractions & Hotels from $47
The nation formerly known as Burma has undergone more changes than just its name over the centuries. Myanmar is a melting pot of cultural wonders, with influences from its bordering nations of Bangladesh, India, Laos, China and Thailand. From gilded pagodas and frantic markets to silk-weaving workshops and puppet theatres, Myanmar is a land of...
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Secrets of Seoul: Hidden Seoul Attractions & Nearby Hotels
South Korea centres around Seoul, an alluring metropolis where high-tech infrastructure and flashy restaurants and bars intermingle with centuries-old Buddhist temples and sprawling street markets. It’s easy to find Seoul’s top attractions, but what about its slightly more off-the-radar sights? With more than 400 million visitors to RatesToTravelinfo, we’ve scoured Seoul to find its best...
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Best Hotels for a Weekend Trip to Jeonju from $34
History and tradition reign supreme in Jeonju, which has quickly garnered a reputation for its hanoks, classic Korean houses interweaved by cobblestone lanes. Lovers of bibimbap can find some of the best restaurants within the local dish’s birthplace, while the art-infused Jaman Village showcases intricate murals on the sides of galleries and boutiques. With more...
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Top Deals: Budget Travel Guide to Hualien City & East Coast
Taiwan’s naturally resplendent eastern coastline centres around Hualien City, where a harbour and glamorous Philippine Sea coast meet cultural museums, tranquil gardens and a variety of night markets and restaurants. Hualien is a treasured escape from the more touristy areas of Thailand and is the perfect hub for exploring the East Coast. With more than...
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Must-See Okinawa Attractions & Nearby Hotels from $135
Comprising more than 150 islands, Okinawa is a fascinating Japanese prefecture where you can spend one day snorkelling reefs and the next frequenting lively Naha bars or exploring historical monuments and castles. The main island of Okinawa is home to many of the main attractions and cities, but exploring further afield untaps some of Japan’s...
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Budget-Friendly Luxury in India: Amazing Kerala Hotels
Nature lovers flock to Kerala, where a seemingly endless stretch of Arabian Sea coastline converges with the verdant Western Ghats, wildlife reservations and crystalline streams to create a beautiful tapestry of natural splendour. You’ll feel an immediate sense of peace while exploring the budget-friendly cities and townships of Kerala, including Kochi, Munnar and Trivandrum. With...
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Phnom Penh City Guide: Where to Eat, Shop & Stay
Phnom Penh is as busy and fast-paced as you’d expect from a prominent capital city. However, through the overload of sights, sounds and smells you can explore Cambodia’s rich history at preserved temples and palaces, indulge in a world-class foodie culture and browse unique handmade goods and designer wares in markets and shopping malls. With...
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Luxury Business Hotels in Osaka near Nightlife & Street Food
All work and no play is no way to spend your time in Osaka. Business might be the reason for your visit, but you’d be remiss not making some time to experience Osaka’s legendary nightlife and street food between work hours. The locals do it best, frequenting corner bars, whiskey lounges, clubs and street-food markets...
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Where to Stay in Japan: The Kanto and Kansai Regions
Kanto or Kansai? It’s an important question to answer when deciding how to tackle your holiday on Japan’s main island of Honshu. The two distinct areas have their own world-renowned cities, natural attractions and classically Japanese experiences. Below, you’ll find a detailed guide to Kanto and Kansai, including three of each region’s top places to...
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Hotels, Onsens & Ryokans with a View of Mt Fuji
Mount Fuji is one of the hardest natural marvels to look away from, rising majestically above the Honshu countryside with its snow-capped peak and forested slopes. What’s the most important part of an incredible view? Where you’re admiring it from of course. With luxury hotels and pampering onsens and ryokans, Japan offers numerous ways to...
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