Castel Porrona Relais & Spa
Castel Porrona Relais & Spa Photo| Castel Porrona Relais & Spa | Provided by LEONARDO Photo| Castel Porrona Relais & Spa | Provided by LEONARDO Nestled in the undulating hills of Montalcino is where you’ll find the magnificent Castel Porrona Relais & Spa. Built in the 12th century, this former medieval village is now a...
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14 Inspiring Agriturismo in Tuscany for Families from $77
Agriturismo has become a growing trend in Italy, particularly in Tuscany where the region’s sprawling farmland and verdant nature pairs perfectly with this unique farmhouse-style accommodation. Agriturismo offers you a chance to escape the doldrums of city life and embrace the simple pleasures of farm-fresh produce, scenic countryside and family hospitality. With more than 400...
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6 Best Weekend Getaways Within 2 hours from London from $85
Have you ticked off London’s iconic sights? You might be craving a break from the city’s hustle and bustle. Luckily, London offers an array of fun weekend getaways by train, from the prestigious university town of Oxford and pebbly beaches of Brighton to the picturesque medieval walled city of York. With over 400 million annual...
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Top 14 Venice Hotels with Captivating Canal or Lagoon Views
The enchanting city of Venice is best known for its winding Grand Canal where romantic gondolas pass beneath historic bridges along the city’s iconic waterways, while the Venetian Lagoon connects to neighbouring islands. On land, it’s easy to get lost in the maze of small, picturesque streets dotted with world-class museums, ornate churches and magnificent...
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Best Overnight Getaways and Day Trips from Paris from $59
It’s often said that it would take a lifetime to explore the entirety of Paris. The diverse and wide-spread city can be quite intimidating with its 20 arrondissements and intimate quartiers. While first-time visitors will most likely be completely occupied with the city’s sights, a return trip to Paris is a great opportunity to venture...
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12 Ways to See London Without Tourists
Unless you’re living in London, the locals will consider you a tourist, but that doesn’t mean you have to behave like one. For most of the year, London has one of the world’s densest population of visitors. Sure, you can visit during the winter offseason, but you’ll be lucky to get farther than a cosy...
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15 Secluded Sicily Hotels with a Private Beach from $61
Sicily’s idyllic coastline is dotted with beautiful beaches that pair perfectly with the ancient temples, archaeological treasures and UNESCO-listed sites. Conquer Mount Etna, one of Europe’s highest active volcanoes, or enjoy a sulphurous mud bath on the Aeolian Islands. The unspoilt beaches feature hidden coves, dramatic rock formations and quaint cafes serving fresh seafood straight...
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6 Affordable Autumn City Breaks in Europe and Where to Stay
In addition to cooler temperatures and stunning foliage, autumn in Europe means fewer tourists, shorter lines and off-season prices. Experience the beauty of shoulder season travel as you explore Europe’s charming medieval towns, cultural cities and coastal gems, where you can take advantage of the last bit of sun before winter. With over 400 million...
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Where to Stay in Buenos Aires: Best Hotels & Areas from $71
Discover Argentina’s rich history, culture and modern glamour while exploring Buenos Aires, the cosmopolitan capital with 19th-century manors, Latin American art and music and a variety of fine-dining restaurants. Let this city capture your heart and soul as you wander from street-side steakhouses to live jazz bars and tango salons. With more than 400 million...
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Buda or Pest: Best Budapest Hotels for Nightlife, Sightseeing & Nature
Separated by the Danube, Buda and Pest may be two halves of the same capital city, but they’re very different when it comes to sightseeing, partying and nature. While Buda boasts undulating hills and peaceful residential areas, Pest is the sleepless heart and soul of the city’s nightlife. Pest effortlessly creates a lively social scene...
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