Onsens in Fujikawaguchiko
Looking for private onsens near Tokyo? The city is surrounded by some of Japan’s best onsen ryokans and couple onsens. You can also stay in numerous hotels near Tokyo with private onsens offering the perfect setting for relaxation and indulgence. With more than 400 million annual visitors to RatesToTravelinfo, we’ve tracked down the very best...
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Must-See Okinawa Attractions & Nearby Hotels from $135
Comprising more than 150 islands, Okinawa is a fascinating Japanese prefecture where you can spend one day snorkelling reefs and the next frequenting lively Naha bars or exploring historical monuments and castles. The main island of Okinawa is home to many of the main attractions and cities, but exploring further afield untaps some of Japan’s...
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Luxury Business Hotels in Osaka near Nightlife & Street Food
All work and no play is no way to spend your time in Osaka. Business might be the reason for your visit, but you’d be remiss not making some time to experience Osaka’s legendary nightlife and street food between work hours. The locals do it best, frequenting corner bars, whiskey lounges, clubs and street-food markets...
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Where to Stay in Japan: The Kanto and Kansai Regions
Kanto or Kansai? It’s an important question to answer when deciding how to tackle your holiday on Japan’s main island of Honshu. The two distinct areas have their own world-renowned cities, natural attractions and classically Japanese experiences. Below, you’ll find a detailed guide to Kanto and Kansai, including three of each region’s top places to...
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Hotels, Onsens & Ryokans with a View of Mt Fuji
Mount Fuji is one of the hardest natural marvels to look away from, rising majestically above the Honshu countryside with its snow-capped peak and forested slopes. What’s the most important part of an incredible view? Where you’re admiring it from of course. With luxury hotels and pampering onsens and ryokans, Japan offers numerous ways to...
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Osaka & Kyoto on a Budget: Best Food, Sights & Hotels
Located one hour apart, Osaka and Kyoto offer the perfect one-two combination for Japanese history, culture and entertainment. While Osaka has been infused with Japan’s contemporary style of neon-clad night clubs and boutique shopping, Kyoto retains a lot of its past through ancient temples and decades-old family restaurants. Together they offer a deep dive into...
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Hokkaido for Foodies: Best Hotels & Restaurants
Hokkaido is what your stomach dreams about pretty much every day. The Japanese island has numerous reasons as to why you should visit, but its cuisine is high, if not at the top of that list. From fresh winter oysters out of Lake Saroma and sliced octopus from the Wakkanai region to the popular sushi...
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You Need to See These 21 Insane Hi-Tech Hotels
Generally, if you know the difference between a tablet and a desktop, a VCR and VR or how to program your watch to do everything other than make you breakfast, you’re someone who finds life easier with more technology. Lucky for you, these 21 futuristic hotels are perfect for tech-savvy travellers. We’re talking robots, virtual...
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Exploring Old Towns in Tokyo: Where to Stay
Known as “shitamachi”, Tokyo’s old towns are a pleasant escape from the tech-centric main city, where you’ll be transported back to centuries-old Japan during the Shogun and samurai era. The old towns in Tokyo, from Kawagoe and Asakusa to Yanaka and Kanda, offer rich culture and history while showcasing intimate shopping streets, family-run cafes and...
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15 Best Capsule Hotels in Japan
One of the first countries to ever use capsule hotels, Japan has produced one technological innovation after another during the 20th and 21st centuries. Throughout the country you can see this creativity, from the robots strutting down catwalks during fashion shows to the world-famous Robot Restaurant in Tokyo. With more than 400 million annual visitors...
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