12 Ways to See London Without Tourists
Unless you’re living in London, the locals will consider you a tourist, but that doesn’t mean you have to behave like one. For most of the year, London has one of the world’s densest population of visitors. Sure, you can visit during the winter offseason, but you’ll be lucky to get farther than a cosy...
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You Need to See These 21 Insane Hi-Tech Hotels
Generally, if you know the difference between a tablet and a desktop, a VCR and VR or how to program your watch to do everything other than make you breakfast, you’re someone who finds life easier with more technology. Lucky for you, these 21 futuristic hotels are perfect for tech-savvy travellers. We’re talking robots, virtual...
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Best Places to Stay in London
London is one of the world’s most enticing capital cities, a place of royalty, centuries-old British and European culture, award-winning dining and high-street shopping. The city on the Thames is renowned for its diverse array of attractions, from the soaring heights of the London Eye and spectacle of Buckingham Palace to the peaceful expanse of...
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