The World’s Most Luxurious Hostels: The List All Nomads Need to See
The word “hostel” and “luxury” might seem like an uncommon pairing at first sight, but dig deeper and you’ll discover a new crop of chic hostels on the market. Pairing wallet-friendly prices with rooftop pools, private suites and trendy restaurants and bars, these are the most luxurious backpacker hostels around the world. 1. KEX Hostel...
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You Need to See These 21 Insane Hi-Tech Hotels
Generally, if you know the difference between a tablet and a desktop, a VCR and VR or how to program your watch to do everything other than make you breakfast, you’re someone who finds life easier with more technology. Lucky for you, these 21 futuristic hotels are perfect for tech-savvy travellers. We’re talking robots, virtual...
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The Best Hotels in Barcelona for 5-Star Luxury: Tapas, Sangria & Ample Siestas
Come one, come all, Barcelona is more popular than that last season of Game of Thrones and about 10 times more satisfying. Love the beach? You’re sorted. Love Spanish history, culture and nature? It’s got that too. Long story short, this charismatic coastal metropolis is full of enthralling experiences, from hidden tapas bars down cobbled...
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Where to Stay in Madrid: Ultimate Guide for First-Time Visitors
Spain’s vibrant capital city, Madrid is filled with talented artists, culinary revolutionaries and non-stop nightlife aficionados. The city’s stunning architecture, from Baroque palaces to mansions, pairs perfectly with its cocktail bars, renowned Spanish tapas culture and proud football traditions. With more than 400 million annual visitors to RatesToTravelinfo, we’ve delved deep into this enigmatic city...
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