Exploring Old Towns in Tokyo: Where to Stay
Known as “shitamachi”, Tokyo’s old towns are a pleasant escape from the tech-centric main city, where you’ll be transported back to centuries-old Japan during the Shogun and samurai era. The old towns in Tokyo, from Kawagoe and Asakusa to Yanaka and Kanda, offer rich culture and history while showcasing intimate shopping streets, family-run cafes and...
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15 Best Capsule Hotels in Japan
One of the first countries to ever use capsule hotels, Japan has produced one technological innovation after another during the 20th and 21st centuries. Throughout the country you can see this creativity, from the robots strutting down catwalks during fashion shows to the world-famous Robot Restaurant in Tokyo. With more than 400 million annual visitors...
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15 Best Luxury Ryokans in Tokyo
Tokyo is one of the world’s busiest and most modern cities, but still retains elements of traditional Japanese peace and tranquillity. This is evident in its luxurious ryokans and ryokan hotels, where classic Japanese architecture and furnishings transport you back to old-world Tokyo while also treating you to opulent comforts and convenient locations. With more...
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