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14 Unbelievably Cheap Laguna Beach Hotels from $130

14 Unbelievably Cheap Laguna Beach Hotels from $130 | RatesToTravel

One of Southern California’s prettiest beach towns, Laguna Beach is an alluring coastal destination nestled between hidden coves, tide pools and majestic canyons. Outdoor enthusiasts, shoppers and art lovers alike flock to Laguna Beach’s sandy beaches, local art galleries, boutiques and family-friendly attractions. With over 400 million annual visitors to HotelsCombined, we’ve found the best […]

Budget-Friendly Luxury in India: Amazing Kerala Hotels

Budget-Friendly Luxury in India: Amazing Kerala Hotels | RatesToTravel

Nature lovers flock to Kerala, where a seemingly endless stretch of Arabian Sea coastline converges with the verdant Western Ghats, wildlife reservations and crystalline streams to create a beautiful tapestry of natural splendour. You’ll feel an immediate sense of peace while exploring the budget-friendly cities and townships of Kerala, including Kochi, Munnar and Trivandrum. With […]


Spain: 8 overlooked destinations to visit | RatesToTravel

A charming coastal village in Asturias. Photo: Jose Luis During my time living in Barcelona, I’ve met many Europeans who have traveled to the US. I always ask them where they chose to go, curious as to which places enticed them. The truth is, with rare exceptions, I know the answer to my own question. Inevitably […]

Omaha Beach Sculpture

10 Tips for Visiting the Beaches of Normandy | RatesToTravel

After commemorating the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings earlier this year, the Beaches of Normandy continue to welcome tourists to remember the battles that turned the tide in World War II. Beautiful landscapes, intense history, and a sobering dose of the realities of war all blend to make a worthwhile trip away from the […]

Solo Travel Destinations in the USA: Best Cities & Places to Stay

Solo Travel Destinations in the USA: Best Cities & Places to Stay | RatesToTravel

Ready to see the world on your own time? The United States is full of rewarding destinations for solo travellers seeking easy transportation, safety, friendly locals and numerous world-defining attractions. Maximise every moment by embarking on a solo trip to the picturesque coast of California, bright lights of New York City or spa resorts in […]

Ponte Vecchio

Florence Travel Tips: 10 Ways to save on your trip | RatesToTravel

The famous Ponte Vecchio bridge in Florence. Photo: Ray As the capital of Tuscany, Florence is known for Renaissance art and architecture, a vibrant cultural scene, delicious food and wine, and… crowded streets packed with tourists. In fact, during the high season, there are more visitors in Florence than locals! It’s no surprise that Florence’s […]

14 Holiday Destinations to Divide Your Friends & Family

14 Holiday Destinations to Divide Your Friends & Family | RatesToTravel

Beach or snow? Surf or ski? Some claim they don’t prefer one over the other, but when the holiday planning starts, we all have to make a decision: tropical or wintery. Fortunately, with Planet Earth’s two epic hemispheres, we have access to both year-round. This list might be the answer to your holiday stalemate or […]


Touring Barcelona, Seville & Madrid | RatesToTravel

Córdoba is an easy day trip from Seville during a tour of Spain when you fly in and out of Barcelona. Photo: Pablo Pecora You’ve got a bit more than a week to spend in Spain? Lucky you! As a resident of Barcelona, I’m of course tempted to say that you could easily spend the […]