Newly Added Budget Hotels in Brooklyn, New York
Affordable hotels, like Hotel Indigo, are abundant in Brooklyn. Many tourists flock to Manhattan for a Big Apple vacation, and while there’s lots of the New York hustle and bustle there (Times Square, anyone?), there’s still plenty of other exciting things to do in the outer boroughs. Even more important for Cheapos, you can save...
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Lake District England
In the autumn months, England’s Lake District drips with fall colors and, well, rain. Photo: Alex Robertson Textor The Lake District is one of the most significant tourist destinations in the United Kingdom, taking in a whopping 15 million visitors every year. Located in Cumbria in the northwest of England, it is flooded with lots...
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The contemporary gallery Färgfabriken is just one of the many free museums in Stockholm. Arild In recent years the Swedish government has tried to make most state museums free, including several in Stockholm. This follows in the footsteps of a failed experiment in 2006 that tried to make all museums in the city free. Luckily,...
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1664 Beer
While you may think of France as a place for only wine lovers, beer drinkers can be seen sipping away on just about any terrasse you come across in Paris. Available pretty much everywhere, beer is just as popular to drink as wine at a cafe or bar. But the typical beer experience in France...
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Portugal Budget Travel Guide: 10 ways to save
Beautiful Lisbon, Portugal. Photo: MK With its mild climate, beautiful beaches and inexpensive cuisine (including the wine!), Portugal is a paradise for budget travelers, especially when compared to other destinations in Western Europe. That said, the savviest Cheapos are always looking for new ways to save a few extra euros. If that’s you, you’ve come...
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A charming coastal village in Asturias. Photo: Jose Luis During my time living in Barcelona, I’ve met many Europeans who have traveled to the US. I always ask them where they chose to go, curious as to which places enticed them. The truth is, with rare exceptions, I know the answer to my own question. Inevitably...
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Omaha Beach Sculpture
After commemorating the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings earlier this year, the Beaches of Normandy continue to welcome tourists to remember the battles that turned the tide in World War II. Beautiful landscapes, intense history, and a sobering dose of the realities of war all blend to make a worthwhile trip away from the...
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Barcelona Crowds
Keep alert in the main the tourist sites of Barcelona. Photo: Renaat There are very few aspects of Barcelona that I dislike. I love the beaches, especially in the summertime when the water is as warm as a heated pool. I adore the architecture from Gothic to Gaudi, which reaches back to Roman times and still...
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Ponte Vecchio
The famous Ponte Vecchio bridge in Florence. Photo: Ray As the capital of Tuscany, Florence is known for Renaissance art and architecture, a vibrant cultural scene, delicious food and wine, and… crowded streets packed with tourists. In fact, during the high season, there are more visitors in Florence than locals! It’s no surprise that Florence’s...
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Córdoba is an easy day trip from Seville during a tour of Spain when you fly in and out of Barcelona. Photo: Pablo Pecora You’ve got a bit more than a week to spend in Spain? Lucky you! As a resident of Barcelona, I’m of course tempted to say that you could easily spend the...
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